How do We Empower the young Entrepreneurs and Value their innovation?

What does it mean to have an entrepreneurial mindset?

Entrepreneurial mindset: a mode of thinking that allows you to overcome obstacles, make decisions, and take ownership of your results. It is imperative that you continue to improve your abilities, learn from your mistakes, and act on your ideas.

To keep these points on high, The Department of Business Administration organized the “Entrepreneur Fair and Interdepartmental Talent Hunt Competition” which was carried out throughout the month.

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Honorable Chairman of Varendra University Trust, Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan (Chairman, Runner Group) was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion. Also present as Guest of Honor was the Honorable Vice-Chancellor and Acting Vice-Chancellor of Varendra University, Prof. Dr. Ashik Mosaddeq.

The event was divided into two episodes, the first part was about the successes, failures, and challenges of the entrepreneurs of the Rajshahi division and the last part was the distribution of prizes in the interdepartmental talent hunt competition.

At the event, the entrepreneurs shared their stories of progress. Mr. Murshed Zaman, Head of Foodaholic, said, “I joined the business out of a desire to live an independent life and to do something for society.”

Entrepreneurs expressed their excitement over such an event organized by the Department of Business Administration, Varendra University. The entrepreneur also expressed his gratitude after receiving various suggestions from the Honorable Chairman of Runner Group.

Sanjida Islam Nidhi, a student and entrepreneur in the Department of Business Administration, said, “The communication and management skills I have acquired from the Department of Business Administration have made it easier for me to become an entrepreneur.”

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ashiq Mosaddeq in his speech advised the students not only to be job seekers but also to be entrepreneurs. The winners of the Inter-Departmental Talent Hunt competition were awarded prizes by distinguished teachers from different departments who acted as judges of the competition.

The chief guest in his speech highly praised the Department of Business Administration for organizing such a timely event in the stagnant world of Corona. He also told the entrepreneurs,

“Don’t target money. If you work for the welfare of the buyer, the society, and the country, the money will come automatically. You have to dream of doing something new.”

Mr. Hafizur Rahman Khan ,Chairman of Runner Group

The chair of the final event Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin also share her opinions and said “Business success will come through confidence, honesty, patience, and effective communication on social media,”.

She advised entrepreneurs to make the right decisions and be visionary. He thanked everyone and wished good health to all.

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