1.1 Introduction

With the objective of achieving success here & hereafter by pursuing the way directed
by Allah and the path shown by His Rasul (SM), Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. was
established (registered) as a private limited company on 18 June 1995. The inaugural
ceremony took place on 27 September 1995. the authorized capital of the bank is Tk.
15000.00 million and the paid-up capital is Tk. 10440.22 million as of 31.12.2020.
Renewed Islamic Scholars and pious businessmen of the country are the sponsors of
the bank 100% of paid-up capital is being owned by indigenous shareholders.

The term training indicates any process by which the knowledge, aptitudes, skills, and
abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increased. It is the continuous
systematic development of all employees in an organization. It develops, mobilizes, and puts to use the latent, resources of individuals. It is an unending task from the
point of view that people change and the jobs are also changed. For this people must
be fitted to jobs.
1.2 Objectives of the study
From this study, I tried to know the fact that whether Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited
as well as Rajshahi Branch, Rajshahi has any training and development program and
find out the effectiveness of those training and development programs.

1. To analyze the Training and Development Program of Al-Arafah Islami Bank
2. To assess the employees satisfaction level on Training and Development
Program of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Rajshahi Branch, Rajshahi.
3. To provide some suggestions to improve the training and development program
of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited.

1.3 Methodology of the study
a) Collecting of data:
Data collection method is an important element for an internship program. There are
many techniques of collecting data such as sending the questionnaire to the targeted
persons, taking personal interviews, Personal observation, reviews and surveys etc. Of
these techniques, I have used the Questionnaire and Interview method to collect data for
this work. I have interviewed 7 employees regarding this. I have worked at Al-Arafah
Islami Bank Limited, Rajshahi Branch, Rajshahi for three months and collected
primary data and secondary data. I discussed with the branch manager about many
related things. To fulfill the demand of my topic I collected data from Training and
Development Department of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited gathered a lot of related
information about training and development program of Al-Arafah Islami Bank
Limited, Rajshahi Branch, Rajshahi as well. Besides this I visit the training center at
Laxmipur in Rajshahi and meet the officers there for detailed information.

Figure-1: Data Collection Method
Data Collection

Primary Data

3 Months Direct


Informal Discussion
with the officers

Secondary Data


Official Website

Banking Journal

Rupali Bank Report


b) Data Analysis:
Data Collection method: Questionnaire survey.
Source of Data:
a. Primary Data ( I collect by visiting Al-Arafah Islami Bank and Surveying
target sample)
b. Secondary Data (I visit official website, banking journal and annual report)
1.4 Scope of the Study:
This internship report covers training and development condition of Al-Arafah Islami
Bank Limited, Rajshahi Branch, Rajshahi, with finding problems in the total process
and provides possible solutions for Rajshahi Branch will be another scope of the

1.5 Limitations of the Study:
1. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited has been playing a vital role for the
development financial sector, poverty alleviation and socio-economic
development of Bangladesh. The activity of this bank is widely pervaded. So it
may have some shortage of information indeed. As my topic was training and
development condition, the branch management was not able to provide me
with all necessary information. I had to move to other locations for gathering
necessary information. It is not absurd that I may have limitation of
knowledge. Moreover it might be said that data have been reliable and valid as
much as possible. Limitation, which I have faced while doing my internship
report are discussed below:

2. As, I had more dependence on the primary sources, so there might be some
level of inaccuracy with those collected information. Though, equate
verification and cross-checking was used, to minimize the error level.

3. Confidential information regarding past training and development information
was not accurately obtained. Alike all other banking institutions, Al-Arafah


Islami Bank is also little bit conservative in providing those information. In
those cases, I have relied upon some assumptions, which in result have created
certain level of inaccuracy. Still I had tried my best in obtaining that sensitive
information as much as possible.

4. Next, many of the analysis on the obtaining data are based upon my sole
interpretation. This in result might bring some biases, as lack of knowledge
and depth of understanding might hinder me to produce an absolute authentic
and meaningful report.

5. The concerned person of the concerned department is awfully busy with
meeting their targets. So, it was very difficult for me to get them free and
obtain some practical ideas regarding their expectation and opportunities
regarding my topics.

Even though, there are some limitations I have tried my best to collect adequate data
and information to make the report meaningful.

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