My Research Goals and Interests

research focus


Research is highly related in higher studies especially in University level. A county’s economic, social and innovation aspects can be developed faster, if its level of focus on research sectors on high priority. In order to bring new business ideas, innovative plans, technology to industries require higher emphasis too for the rapid economic transformation. No country can go ahead without sophisticated teaching and research.

As teaching and research induces me a lot to pursue a career, My plans are to conduct research on those area that brings out solutions in HR and managerial positions. My primary research focus is on Human Resources Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Organization Behavior, Leadership, Digital Technology, Employee Job Satisfaction and related fields on Business Administration.

Research Skills

Level of Understandings 92%
Research Design 77%
Research Methods Analysis 79%
Data Collection Process and Methods 91%

Research Interests

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Employee Behavior and Organization Behavior
  3. Green Human Resource Management
  4. Employee Job Satisfaction and turnover
  5. Automation of HRM