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Article publications

  1. Miah M. Tota, Saha Biswazit Kumar, Talukder, Hossain M. Zaker “Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction of Faculty Members: A Study on Private Universities at the Northern Part of Bangladesh.” Journal of Jessore University of Science and Technology, Vol, 02, No. 01, 2017. Learn More

  2. Rejaul Karim, Md. Abdullah Al-Mamun, Md. Tota Miah, Relationship Between Working Capital Management Efficiency and Profitability: A Comparative Study on Square Pharmaceuticals Limited and Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited, in Bangladesh, International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences. Vol. 5, No. 2, 2017, pp. 121-128. Learn More

  3. Miah, M. , Saha, K. and Karim, R. (2019) The Role of Private Commercial Bank in Corporate Social Responsibility with Reference to Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. Open Access Library Journal, 6, 1-14. Learn More

  4. Kumar Biswazit Saha, Aleya Jebin, Md. Tota Miah ,(2019). Youth Moral Atrophy: An Exploratory Study to Focus on Reasons and Possible Solutions in Bangladesh. SSRG International Journal of Humanities and Social Science 6(3),23-28. Learn More

  5. Md. Tota Miah and Md. Jahid Hasan (2022), Impact of Herzberg Two-Factor Theory on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: An Implication to the Private Universities of Bangladesh. IJBMR 10(1), 1-5. DOI: 10.37391/IJBMR.100101. Learn More
  6. MIAH, M. T. (2022). Uncertainty After Graduation: A Deep Dive into The Present Scenario of Graduate Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh. Pacific International Journal5(1), 01–05.  Learn more