Enhancing Employability: Integrating Real World During Students Life

A career seminar on “Enhancing Employability: Integrating Real World During Student Life” has been organized by Varendra University Business Club. This webinar was held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, at 7:30 pm at the online platform Zoom Cloud Meeting.

Apart from that, the webinar was organized in collaboration with the Department of Business Administration as part of various activities including acquiring skills of students in various subjects, development of necessary skills of the present age, involvement in co-curricular activities, development of a sense of life.

Mr. Sabbir Ahmed, Head of Circle HR – Khulna Human Resources Department, Grameenphone Ltd. and Mr. K.S. M. Hassan Ripon. Head of the Department of Business Administration at the Varendra University and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law. Acting Vice-Chancellor was present as the chief guest at the webinar. Ashiq Mossaddiq. All the teachers of the department and students of different semesters were present.

Enhancing Employability: Integrating Real World During Students Life

We believe that this event will give our students information and insight regarding preparation to enter a career as fresh graduates, corporate life, challenges, and prospects in the national and multinational job market, not just only for purposes of possible future employment, but as an educational experience within itself.

As speakers, Mr. SAbbir Agmed, Head of Circle HR –Khulna, People and Origination, Grameenphone Ltd., and Mr. K. M. Hasan Ripon, Executive Director, Bangladesh Skill Development Institute will speak and answer questions raised by the students, while Professor Dr. Ashik Mosaddik, the honorable Vice-Chancellor (In-Charge), will grace our webinar presenting as the Chief Guest.

In line with the rapidly changing world, employers in the corporate world want to see the desired and necessary competencies in employees. The main topic of this webinar was how a university student can increase his / her ability to increase his / her acceptance in the job market of this fast-changing world from his / her education life.

The speakers discuss various aspects, including career planning, recruitment strategies for fresh graduates. “If you can’t upgrade yourself at this time of rapid change, you have to fall behind.

So keep your eyes and ears open, find a place for your strengths, take care of them, practice them. Everything is possible through practice,” he said. He advised the students on various issues including soft skill development, enhancement of communication skills, importance of learning as well as part-time work.

Another speaker of the webinar, Mr. Sabbir Ahmed, advised the students about the job market in the public or private sector, the skills required and the ways to acquire them, various aspects of self-employment.

He gives various advice to students by sharing his career experiences in multinational companies. Discusses various aspects including improving communication skills, courage to overcome fears, providing effective leadership, strong desire to know newcomers, concentration to do well in career.

In his closing remarks. Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin said, “We hope that our students will put themselves ahead of everyone else in their career planning and career development by applying the tips that two wise and experienced people in the corporate world have given to our students on career preparation and subsequent career advancement. Finally, he thanked everyone involved in organizing the webinar and announced the end of the webinar.

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