“Elevate Yourself” with renowned business personality Dr. Rubana Huq

I was so curious to conduct this session. Being a presenter of “Elevate Yourself” was a great experience for me. So I want to share all the activities relating to my profession with my students. Here we go.

The Department of Business Administration, Varendra University has organized a self-development and career webinar titled “Elevate Yourself”. The webinar was organized by the Business Administration Department on April 28, 2021.

The webinar is held as part of various activities organized by the department to help students acquire skills in various subjects, engage in co-curricular activities, and develop a sense of life.

Dr. Rubana Huq
Dr. Rubana Huq

During this pandemic, this webinar was held through the online platform Zoom Cloud Meeting was attended by the chief guest Dr. Rubana Haque.
Deputy Commissioner Kabir Mahmud, Pabna was present as the special guest of the webinar. In addition, the acting vice-chancellor, Professor. Mokhlesur Rahman, Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mohammad Shahidur Rahman was present.

The ceremony was presided over by the Head of the Department of Business Administration and Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law. Kaniz Habiba Afrin.

The chief guest of the webinar. Rubana Haque discusses various aspects of success aimed at the new generation of students. For the purpose of young students. Rubana Haque said, “No matter what profession you go into, you have to be persistent. Success cannot be expected without sticking to it. ”

For the purpose of the young generation of entrepreneurs. Rubana Haque said, “It is not possible for a business to survive without the welfare of the people. That is why we have to think about the welfare of the people and be tactful in making decisions. We have to go through the ups and downs of life, whether it is business or job. Wherever you go, try to give your best, be patient, success will come ”.

"Elevate Yourself” with renowned business personality Dr. Rubana Huq
Webinar Participants

The special guest of the webinar, Honorable Deputy Commissioner of Pabna District Kabir Mahmud addressed the young students and said, None of us were fully prepared for the kind of change that has taken place in the world in the last 10 years. Here are some quick outcomes addressed by the speakers.

  • Various types of telecommunication networks, social media, and ever-new technologies are changing our way of life and controlling us a lot.
  • We need to establish our qualifications to a new level to meet the challenges of the future.
  • We need to establish ourselves as an asset to the family, society and the country by acquiring communication skills, humanities and other skills, not just academic credentials. ‘

At the end of the webinar conducted by Assistant Professor Md. Tota Miah.

The head of the Department of Business Administration. Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin handed over the virtual crest to the invited chief guest and special guests. In his closing remarks, the President thanked all the teachers and officials associated with the webinar and announced the end of the program.

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