Business Ethics & CSR

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  • Business Case Analysis

About the Course

The overall objective of this course is for each student to develop a critical thinking approach regarding many of the significant ethical concerns confronted by organizational members within the contemporary business world. The extent to which firms are responsible to society concerning such critical issues as the environment will be explored in depth.

What Will I learn?

  • Demonstrate understanding of the definition of ethics and the importance and role ethical behavior serves in the business world today.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how business ethics relates to larger moral and philosophical frameworks.
  • Identify various ethical issues that occur in the workplace.
  • Evaluate an ethical situation by applying the steps involved in ethical decision-making.
  • Evaluate the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility, and explore its relevance to ethical business activity.
  • Identify the moral obligations of businesses to the environment and specifically global competitors and global stakeholders.
  • Comprehensively analyze in professional business firm’s activities regarding ethical and social responsibility via written case study analyses.

Course Contents

Topics for this course

2 Lessons3h

Introduction to Business Ethics

Concept of Ethics and Business Ethics00:50:00
Significance of Business Ethics in the 21st century00:00:00

Target Audience

  • Undergraduate Student
  • Business Management


  • Students are expected to participate in all the following course activities:
  •  Textbook reading
  •  Assignments
  •  Student-instructor
  •  Discussion forum
  •  Group work
  •  Student-student communication
  •  Quizzes,
  •  Tutorial and other relevant exams.

About the Instructors

Md. Tota Miah

Assistant Professor

I am presently working as Assistant Professor at the Varendra University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, in the faculty of Business and Law. I was born and brought to Keshorhat, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I have passed my childhood in the midst of Bakshoil, a beautiful village with pure natural beauty. I have been instructing my students along so many tracks, especially Diversity Management, International Business, Business Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility, Insurance and Risk Management, Industrial Management, Basic Statistics, Computer in Business, etc. My primary research topic involves CSR, job satisfaction, employee behavior.
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