Competency & Skill Sets for Career in Private or Public Sector or Self Employment

Wonderful experiences of Corporate Mastermind

So happy to share one of the successful webinars which were organized by the Department of Business Administration of Varendra University at 3 pm on Thursday.

Khandaker Mohammad Solaiman (Solaiman Sukhon) was the keynote speaker at the webinar, which was held through the online platform Zoom Cloud Meeting.

“The driving force behind any human being is confidence,” he said. Must increase confidence. Confidence comes from knowledge. ‘

Honorable Vice-Chancellor of Varendra University Prof. Ashiq Mosaddeq was the chief guest at the webinar, which was chaired by Kaniz Habiba Afrin, Head of the Department of Business Administration, and conducted by Assistant Professor Anima Karmakar.

In the webinar, the speaker shares various experiences of his diverse corporate career with the students. He sheds light on the qualities that students need to acquire as the next generation of workers.

Advises students about the job market in the public or private sector, the skills required and ways to achieve them, various aspects of self-employment. He discusses various aspects including the development of communication skills, providing effective leadership, a strong desire to know newcomers, concentration to make a career better.

Dr. Kaniz Habiba Afrin, Head of Business Administration, chair of the program said: “Since today’s content on Webinar was about career for business education students, it will serve as an answer to many unknown questions for our students that will help them prepare themselves for the future job market.

The webinar is part of a wide range of activities to help students acquire skills in a variety of subjects, develop the necessary skills for the current era, engage in co-curricular activities, and develop a sense of life.

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