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Currently working as an Assistant Professor in Varendra University under the Department of Business Administration. My role is to teach academic subjects and to do research. Apart from that I write blogs on personal development, lifestyle and career.

Hi! There. This is Md. Tota Miah. So glad to have you on my personal website. This website contains information on my academic research and teaching. Currently, I’m working as Assistant Professor at the Varendra University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, in the faculty of Business and Law. My primary role is to teach well to my students and involve them in productive co-curricular activities including business idea competitions, career talks, seminars, workshops. Prior to teaching, I completed my graduation from Management Studies. Apart from that, I write blogs on time management, personal development, and career-related issues.  I have also huge interests in health and fitness. You can say, I am a fitness freak. However, This profession means a lot to me. I am always fond of spending time in my classes and research works with my students. So, supervision of intern and research students are also my job.

Md. Tota Miah is the Assistant Professor of the Department of Business Administration at Varendra University under the Faculty of Business and Law. He is working in this field since 2015 as Lecturer. Mr. Tota is widely known for his commitment and dedication to education, teaching, and the professional field. He was born and brought to Keshorhat, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He has passed his childhood in the midst of Bakshoil, a beautiful village with pure natural beauty.  Mr. Tota Miah has been moved to the urban core of education, Rajshahi for completing my graduation (BBA) and post-graduation (MBA) degree from the Department of Management Studies at Rajshahi University, which is the 2nd largest university in Bangladesh. His father’s name is Md. Anesur Rahman is a businessman. His mother’s name is Mt. Padmo Bibi and she is a homemaker.  He has four sisters and is the only lone son of his parents. By the blessing of almighty Allah, Mr. Tota generated an opportunity to absorb me in a teaching position on May 2nd, 2015. Since then, He has been instructing my students along so many tracks, especially Diversity Management, International Business, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Insurance, and Risk Management.  Besides, Mr. Tota taught Industrial Management, Basic Statistics, Computer in Business, etc. His primary research topic involves CSR, job satisfaction, employee behavior.  However,  His research interests include several other topics as well, such as human resource management and ethics. Mr. Tota Miah keeps a huge dream to become a famous professor and a proficient speaker and wants to consecrate me to put a contribution to the education sector and the economic evolution of Bangladesh. 

I teach.

Teaching is my passion. I am doing it since 2015 especially all major courses of Management like HRM, CSR, International Business, Business Ethics, and other related subjects on Management and HRM.

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I Research.

My research interests are in the field of Employee Job Satisfaction, Retention, Turnover, CSR, Business Ethics, Human resources, and Organizational Behavior. I have also an interest in Teaching Technology.

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I Write.

My articles are based on youth and graduates’ careers. I prefer to write on personal development, career, fitness, and higher studies. Besides, the success story of entrepreneurs is written.

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Numbers Speak

my Courses, Teaching Profile including internship and research supervision since 2015.

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Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

– Kofi Annan

Training & Education


University of Rajshahi

Master of Business Administration

I completed my graduation in Management Studies under the faculty of business from the University of Rajshahi. This was my great experience in my life because the time was so challenging. The program duration was one year along with 3 months research projects. I remember my research topic was about employee job satisfaction.


University of Rajshahi

Bachelor of Business Administration

After completing higher secondary education, I got a chance in the Management Department to study the undergraduate program. The program duration was four years where I have been taught 40 courses relating to business and management. Apart from that I did a three month internship program for practical learning.



Varendra University, Rajshahi


My first job as lecturer started on May 2, 2015. Since then I am teaching academic subjects along with performing training and other co-curricular activities.


  • Implement university curricula in planning, teaching, assessment, and standards-based grading
  • Facilitate social and emotional learning through daily classroom meetings to promote student problem solving of self-identified issues, such as feeling disrespected, listening and attention distractions, working cooperatively, and misusing class work time
  • Implement scaffolding strategies to encourage independent learning. Example: Established Reader’s Workshop book clubs where students jotted thoughts and ideas while reading, then shared and responded with peers, ending with written reflection
  • Incorporate Google Classroom, Zoom. Microsoft Teams for projects and assignments to promote technology literacy and develop typing skills
  • Develop interdisciplinary skills through cross-curricular research projects and presentations. 
2019 to Present

Varendra University, Rajshahi

Assistant Professor

After I got promoted to Assistant professor in 2019, I usually focused on researched based classes. So many technical, statistical methods, research training have been done to improve my research and academic skills. I believe these experiences will help my students to increase their productivity.


  • Conduct the research activities in the CIR (The Center for Interdisciplinary Research) at Varenrda University.
  • Prepare class manuals and lectures (medium of instruction was English).
  • Deliver class lectures (when necessary, utilizing current technology, for instance, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom).
  • Formulate questions on the assigned courses.
  • Analyze and examine the subjective answer scripts.
  • Every year, I coordinated and oversaw the three months internship program of 15+ students.
  • Assist the University with administrative jobs on discipline, convocation, and alumni committee.
  • Provide three hours of consulting to the students weekly.
  • Supervise MBA research students at least 1 every semester.

What My students Say?

"I believe that there are two types of teachers in the world, True and Fake. And few of the great signs of a true teacher are to be a Dream Waker, Boldly Truth Teller, no Biasedness, having an Empathetic points of view even when things are against him and having extraordinary Imagination ability which is always beyond the boundaries of societal issues of conflicts. And, I have seen the mentioned signs in Md. Tota Miah sir character in my four year's of educational life with him at Varendra University."
"I am talking about a man who is like the Banyan tree! He is Evergreen. He is none other than my dear teacher Md. Tota Miah Sir. His motivation, friendly, behaviour, confidence, Exertion always mesmerize and impressed me. I am blessed that I found a teacher like him. There are so many loving stories with him in the class. With these few words I could not express my feelings toward him. I wish him good luck in the future."